Special effects – beyond the movie screen

When you were growing up, and perhaps even to this day, you wondered how those amazing effects viewed across famous movies like Rambo, King Kong, Jurassic Park and others happened. While it’s obviously not magic, there are several elements of mystery and intrigue to this day. If you are that way inclined, and have the time, resources and interest at hand to look deeper into these sorts of things, then you should be strongly encouraged to do so. You could do this part-time, full-time or on an ad-hoc arrangement that works for you and the person who is eager to teach you about this.


Signing up for a visual effects course is a really good idea. Having a look around, in person and on the Internet, is a good way of ascertaining the options out there – and understanding exactly who offers what, and to what depth and extent. While you might not be looking at becoming the world’s next greatest movie director or famed producer, you do want to find something that is going to be the right fit for you and your needs when it comes to understanding what happens in front of the camera – and on post-production computer screens.


This is probably not going to be the cheapest undertaking, but it will be entirely worth it if done properly. It’s always good to see whether you need to pay up front, or if there is a payment plan, with a hefty small deposit included. Then, once you have understood that, you can look into your budget and see how you can make it work, best for you – and hold yourself accountable to the company or entity you are paying for this very valuable learning service. That’s the strongest way to go about this, by all accounts.


Once you have studied or while you are studying, there are several possibilities at hand to go into internships or job shadows for various lengths of time. Whether it’s one week, six months or more, these are great ways to really get to grips with the ins and outs of visual effects and other special effects movement around the scene. You’ll need to find a willing and able mentor, who is keen to practise patience and you will need to learn rather quickly, on your feet – this can be a win-win situation, if the right building blocks are put in place in the first place.


Well, once you have achieved the formal qualification and perhaps even had some hands-on experience through the aforementioned job shadows and internships, you can begin to ponder a real future in this professional space. Get hunting for a job, and hopefully the good halo that you formed while studying will have earned you credit and affirmation – and word of mouth referrals. So, then, the idea of looking for a gig won’t be as daunting, as companies and employers might approach you instead of you needing to approach them out of the blue.