Get to Know About the Best Law Schools in France

Best Law Schools, France

Know About the Best Law Schools in France

There are no independent law schools in France like in other countries. The law schools here are affiliated to universities. Students get to study a variety of subjects unlike in independent institutes where learning is confined to legal studies only. Most of the courses offered in French law schools are based on French law. This is closely related to the European Union Law.

Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne Law School

  • This happens to among one of the most reputed law schools in France.  This institute has another name in France. It is known as Ecole de DRoit Sorbonne. This institute is in Paris. It holds its own for being the biggest university in France till now. This law school has formal connections with Kings College, London , The University of Cologne, Columbia University and Cornell University. It is said to have the 36th most popular Masters Law course. The medium of instruction here is French.

Universite Pantheon-Assas Paris II-Pantheon Assa University

  • This institute is sometimes referred to as Paris duex. A variety of subjects are offered at this university. It is situated in the Latin quarter of Paris. It is located right beside its sister concern the Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. 24 research centers and five doctoral schools exist within this university. It has over 1,630 teachers and more than 8,000 students graduate from here every year. The medium of instruction here is English or French.

Universities Jean Moulin Lyon III

A wide variety of courses are offered at the Universite Jean Moulin. This includes European Business Law and International Law. It is

Best Law Schools, France

Know About the Best Law Schools in France

in the center of Lyons which happens to be the second biggest city in France. The university collaborates with many other institutions in Europe which includes the University of Helsinki, the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, the University of Bologna, the University of Barcelona and the Moscow State Law Academy. The Doctoral School of Law provided in this university lets PhD students and teachers contribute to various research programs.

That will be all the information you need about the best law schools in France.

I am sure that aspiring lawyers will now pick France to pursue their law degrees and ensure a flourishing career for themselves.

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