Basics about massage therapy continuing education

If you have decided to join any of the massage continuing education or are planning to decide about whether to join the course or not, here is some necessary information you must know before proceeding:

  • Class formats for continuing education:

There are three formats in which the massage classes are conducted-

  1. Live classes
  2. Distance learning classes
  3. Home study

  • You must understand the NCBTMB requirements:

NCBTMB is the abbreviation of National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.Image result for Basics about massage therapy continuing education

If you wish to renew the license, you must attend some number of the continuing education, or else you may give hours for a regular interval of one to two years. The number of hours you need to credit differs from one state to another. First you must read the state guidelines of the state in which you will attend the continuing education classes.

  • Don’t take continuing education classes for granted:

You must be dedicated towards your work and must not take continuing education classes for granted. You must continue to credit specified hours by the state every year to be able to use your license. This is just like other professional fields like medical field in which you need to keep studying throughout your life. By doing this you will be able to expertise in your field.

  • Safety precautions to be taken while working:

  1. CPR training:

You must know how to perform CPR because while providing the massage therapy, the clients might be suffering from any mental illness which might lead to any complications.

  1. Wheel  chairs:

You might have disabled clients and they may need wheel chair for transferring them to the area where massage is provided. So you must be equipped with a wheel chair.

  1. Equipments:

The equipments used for massage therapy should be of good quality. Table, mats and other things should be clean and hygienic. This will attract more clients for you and also prevent various hazards.

These are some step wise must know points about the massage therapy continuing education, starting from joining the course till you start your work or practice after you are given license. This article will help you to understand some things which are necessary to know. Thank you for reading.